Schubert's Echo: Schubert’s Influence on Two 20th-century Masters

To celebrate its 35th anniversary, the Quartet re­cord­ed an ambitious CD, Schubert’s Echo, released in 2010 by NSS Music (founded by vio­lin­ist Nadja Sa­ler­no-Sonnenberg). Recorded at New York City’s Amer­i­can Academy of Arts and Letters, Schubert’s Echo features three works never before recorded together:Schubert’s monumental String Quartet in G, D. 887, Berg’s dramatic, atonal Quartet Op. 3, and Webern’s vi­sion­ary Fünf Sätze (Five Movements), Op. 5. Schu­bert’s chamber music had no influence on his contemporaries for the very good rea­son that it was largely unknown in his lifetime. The sur­prise revealed by this recording is that Schubert’s in­flu­ence extends to a later generation of Viennese composers, whose music in many respects is the an­tith­e­sis of Schubert’s. These works reveal, in the context of each other, the continuum of the quartet rep­er­toire. Schubert’s Echo is available online at CD Baby and Amazon.